Saturday, May 8, 2021

Process XXVIII

Printed copies of The Negative Zone arrived in the mail the other day. I believed the most hassle-free and inexpensive way to complete the project would be to order them online, twenty copies, enough for the professor and any member of the class who wanted one.

Alas, there was a voice balloon missing from one of the panels. No need to explain how this happened, it was a technical error, and entirely my fault. Worse yet, the voice balloon in question was on the first page, even worse, it was the set-up to a rather crass joke, even worse yet, a joke that receives several callbacks throughout the comic.

What to do? Dump the entire run, of course, and have it printed for pick-up at the print shop up the street. Editing it, reprinting the one page, adding a sticker or something, these would cost as much, take too much time, and look sloppy.

I am relieved I did not (as I had considered) print one hundred of them, for sale. As it is, I will number these few revised copies, sign them, and that will be that.

I hope it's good enough. The memory of my embarrassing failure as an undergrad fueled my desire to create something truly special. Is it? Who knows. It’s a thing. It’s just another thing.

The audio drama I penned for craft and theory was a trip. I found a template for radio drama for Final Draft on Reddit, of all places, and that was very helpful.

The script, I Think We’re All Weirdos On the Web, is more me than Firesign Theatre, though I did name the protagonist Georgia Mordedor (Spanish for “teether”) after David Ossman’s omnipresent George Tirebiter. But she’s neither a spy nor a girl delighter, just a woman trying to get a chair she found on Craig’s List.

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