Monday, September 5, 2011

Ford 1953 Customline Country Sedan

There's always room for one more in a FORD Ranch Wagon!

Now four Ford quick-change artists … and each with the smooth, agile “Go” of Ford’s modern V-8 engine!
If your family’s young and rambling, you’ll find room aplenty in Ford’s new Mainline or Customline Ranch Wagons. Both are 6-passengers big, yet convert to cargo haulers by merely folding the “stowaway” seat into the floor. Ford also offers the 4-door, 8-passenger Country Squire and Country Sedan.
No matter which Ford “wagon” suits your needs, you may have the most modern V-8 engine in the industry (most modern Six, if you prefer) … new Ball-Joint Front Suspension … colorful new interiors … and a host of other “Worth More” advantages which make Ford your smartest station wagon to buy!
Worth More when you buy it … Worth More when you sell it!

My father-in-law had this number towed out of some guy’s garage when he bought it a few years back and got it running again. It had only 70,000 miles on it.

“We live miles from a shopping center which means a lot of hauling and a station wagon was essential for us.” … The Ford Country Sedan hauls a half ton with ease yet it converts into an 8-passenger sedan in seconds.
Source: The Saturday Evening Post

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