Saturday, September 17, 2011

Federal Theatre Project In Cleveland

Triple Bill: A Little Fowl Play, No Left Turn, United We Sat (Repertory Unit, 2/29/36)
The Living Newspaper (Repertory Unit, 3/11/36)
Mississippi Rainbow (Negro Unit, 4/18/36)
Marionette Show: Three Wishes (Children’s Unit, 5/15/36)
Triple-A Plowed Under (Repertoy Unit, 6/2/36)
The First Legion (Repertory Unit, 6/24/36)
Double Bill: End of the Row, Soul Gone Home (Negro Unit, 6/27/36)
The Trial of Mary Dugan (Repertory Unit, 7/20/36)
Conju’ Man Dies (Negro Unit, 8/12/36)
The Bad Man (Repertory Unit, 8/17/36)
R.U.R. (Repertory Unit, 9/7/36)
Noah (Negro Unit, 10/5/36)
It Can’t Happen Here (Repertory Unit, 10/27/36)
Nathan Hale (Repertory Unit, 2/17/37)
Chanticler (Repertory Unit, 3/13/37)
Chalk Dust (Repertory Unit, date unknown)
The Emperor’s New Clothes (Federal Theatre for Youth, 4/24/37)
Sir Frog Goes A-Travelin’ (Federal Theatre for Youth, 10/1/37)
Shepherd In The Distance (Federal Theatre for Youth, 11/17/37)
A Christmas Carol (Federal Theatre for Youth, 12/6/37)
Remember The Day (Federal Theatre for Youth, 2/27/38)
The Ivory Door (Federal Theatre for Youth, 8/25/38)
Pinocchio (Federal Theatre for Youth, 10/14/38)
Twelfth Night (Federal Theatre for Youth, 3/28/38)

The Federal Theatre for Youth was based at 1224 Huron, and 2362 Euclid Avenue.

Cuyahoga Community College, Cleveland Festival of the WPA, 1992 (John Vacha)
George Mason University Libraries

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