Thursday, September 1, 2011

Cleveland Browns

The Cleveland Browns was founded in 1946 by Arthur B "Micky" McBride, and area real estate developer, the owner of a fleet of taxicabs, a printing company and he was a bookie -- erhm, he owned a wire service that provided information to bookmakers. Unarguably the most important decision he ever made in establishing his team was in bringing on Ohio State Buckeyes coach Paul Brown as vice president, general manager, and head coach.

The Cleveland Browns was either named after Brown himself, or was shortened from the name "Brown Bombers" which was the winner of a naming competition. Depends on who you believe. Brown preferred the name "Panthers" but that appellation had already been trademarked by someone else. The Cleveland Panthers. All right.

1954 was a good season for the Browns. They were NFL World Champions, clinching the conference with a 9-3 record before defeating the Detroit Lions for the championship (56-10.) This, in spite of the Browns' humiliating defeat by the Pittsburgh Steelers during their first matchup of the season, losing 55-27. This remains the most points Pittsburgh Steelers has ever scored in a single game against the Cleveland Browns.

Until December 8, 2011. Go Brownies.


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