Sunday, October 9, 2011

Royal Ann's Preserve

There's an art installation going on at CPT now through the end of the month called Royal Ann's Preserve. Last night I was moderating a discussion after a staged reading in the Levin, and I was encouraged to step in.

Walking into this space (a storefront in the CPT complex) was like moving through someone's brain, gauzy red synapses defining the "rooms." It's heavy with memories. And ghosts.

The West Clinton Historic Haunts Walking Tour was meeting up the street, Donna told me it is more "historic" than "haunted" with re-enactors stepping out of old houses and describing what life was like in Merry Ol' Cleveland. For the season of death I would recommend Royal Ann's. It is spooky. It is haunted. It is sad. No one will jump out and say "boo." But you may have difficulty sleeping for what has moved into your head.

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