Saturday, June 4, 2011

Technique for Tomorrow

Seriously, though - how do you make a car?

So glad you asked.

Technique for Tomorrow
Ford Motor Company 1954

Brook Park, Ohio. This was once a farm, and now it is a factory building the world's automobiles.
"Following World War II, Ford built several production plants in the Cleveland area, making it a significant base for the company's operations. Ford's Brook Park complex, established between 1951-55, included a casting plant to make engine blocks, Engine Plant #1, and Engine Plant #2.

Ford also built the Walton Hills Stamping Plant in 1954 which fabricated steel bumpers, hoods, roofs, and quarter panels for the Ford assembly plants."
- Encyclopedia of Cleveland History called the casting plant a "miserable place to work."

"In the summer months it was absolutely brutal," said David Day, who worked at the plant during the 1970s and 80s. "Some wise guy got to wearing a thermometer around his neck and would point gleefully as the temps rose above 110, 115 and higher."

DID YOU KNOW ..? From 1942-1946, Jesse Owens director of minority employment at Ford Motor Company in Detroit? Yes, he did.

Encyclopedia of Cleveland History

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