Saturday, November 12, 2022

Diana: The Musical

So, I finally watched the ill-fated musical Diana: The Musical and left comments on Facebook.

Thursday night:

I’m going in. 🧵 #dianathemusical
  • “Underestimated“ is not so much and “I want” song, it’s more like a threat. I am eager to find out what terrible things she is going to do.
  • The Queen looks like Olivia Coleman and Imelda Staunton, merged.
  • Oh, dear. “The Worst Song in England.”
  • Black sheep symbolism.
  • I wish there was an audience.
  • In spite of the dozen early 1980s pop bands mentioned in twenty seconds, I don’t really believe this takes place in the early 1980s because all of the dresses look rather nice.
  • Extra points for “Hot Lunch Jam” reference in “This Is How Your People Dance.”
  • Alas, I can already state that “Always” holds its place the worst musical about doomed Windsor romances.
  • “Snap, Click” … so far every other song is really bad. But every other song is also pretty nice.
  • “Most of all — read other books.” Well done.
  • When I was nineteen, I was very stupid. I don’t know what I world do if the Prince of Wales proposed to me.
  • So far, Camilla is the smartest character in this play. Do you suppose it’s also true in real life?
  • “I Will” slaps. Yes, it does, too.
  • Oh! Trick wedding dress.
  • DID YOU KNOW ..? Charles was the first Prince of Wales to learn how to speak Welsh. I learned that on “The Crown.“
  • I’ve learned a lot about Wales from watching “Welcome to Wrexham.“
  • I honestly do not understand how this show closed. I’m serious.
  • “Happiness/Breathe” is SO CLOSE to being Mötley Crüe’s “Home Sweet Home”!
  • … sung by Bonnie Tyler.
  • Harry: I will not be for one more second second!
  • “Ay, madam. It is … COMMON.”
  • I have had “Diana (The Rage)” in my head for the past six months, and I am in heaven here.
  • “I Miss You Most on Sundays” is the second best song defending adultery in any musical.
  • I think this is intermission. Act II … tomorrow.

Friday night:

… and we’re back. #dianathemusical
  • Well. If that wasn’t the most spectacular second act opening in theater history. #IYKYK
  • Wait. Only that dialogue was made up?
  • By the way, season five of “The Crown” just dropped. It’s just like this but not as catchy.
  • The timeline in this musical supports the fact that Harry is not the son of James Hewitt, so we can all stop talking about it.
  • The thing about the musical “Always” was it tried to make Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson seem like sympathetic, nice people. I like the fact that there’s almost no sympathetic people in this entire play.
  • Yeah! Fuck Thatcher!
  • Ooh. Mother Teresa reference. Bad omen.
  • I like “Secrets & Lies.” That was sweet.
  • Rather than “put up with this shit” I would’ve preferred “put up with this twit.”
  • Who is the protagonist in this thing?
  • Andrew Morton was a very lucky journalist!
  • Book choreography!
  • Here’s the thing … having decided to produce a musical called “Diana, the Musical” This is absolutely the only way it could have turned out. I say that with all due respect. There wasn’t some “better” musical of this story that might have been made, by anyone.
  • … and with “The Dress” this is once again the greatest musical of the ‘20s.
  • Oh, dear. The Queen makes a decapitation joke. (I took this photo last October.)
  • I’m just thinking how every character in “Hamilton” had, like, only three costumes.
  • Just clocked the Union Jack in the floor. Nice.
  • “The people who will change the world are not the ones you think will change the world.” Cool.
  • and scene

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