Monday, July 8, 2013

Double Heart: Talespinner Children's Theatre

Last night we presented Double Heart at Talespinner Children's Theatre, our final performance before heading to FringeNYC. The evening was a rousing success, and quite a celebration.

It has been several months since we last had the opportunity to share this show with an audience, and while reaction had always been positive, it truly felt like this evening's crowd (who included, after all, some dear friends family and close supporters) was in tune with the production on all levels, reveling in the bawdy humor, delighting in the dance and swordplay, and moved by the high emotions.

This set will look very nice at the Connelly.

One of the great challenges for the folks at FringeNYC is to schedule roughly 10 shows in each space (200 shows in 20 spaces) and part of that means being able to tell them exactly how long the show is, with little variation more or less. We need to set up and tear down our show in no more than 15 minutes to make room for the next production.

We told them it runs 60 minutes. Tonight's performance, with lots of audience reaction, ran about 58 minutes! Good call.


During curtain call we recognized a few of those without whom this entire production would not be possible. Tonight's show couldn't have happened without the great assistance of the entire crew at Talespinner. Their spring production of The Emperor's Ears closed yesterday, and they cleaned up the space and painted stage so we could be there tonight.

Next we thanked Great Lakes Theater, for commissioning the work, producing it, and providing costumes, the set and so much support in our endeavor to give the show new life in New York.
Finally we thanked our Kickstarter backers and others who have provided much-needed financial support and asked them to stand and be recognized. It must have been at least half of the audience who stood, and we thank them and those who could not be present so much for helping us make it this far.

Following the performance, audience member and Kickstarter backer Rob D. went on Facebook to post the following:

Things I really enjoyed about Double Heart after seeing it tonight:
  • The momentum of the performance was terrific. It made those costume changes look effortless.
  • The play's masterful blending of traditional Shakespearean theater elements with modern touches
  • The story's deft handling of delicate subject matter, which added depth and drew the audience in closer to the cast
  • The cast's energetic and convincing presence on the stage, and especially David's comedic timing
Rob summed up, "NYC is in for a treat."

Thank you, Rob. Last night, that audience was the treat.

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  1. ohh my.. too bad I wasn't able to watch this play. I already set this play on my planner however, due to unavoidable schedule I have to remove this. I'll next time make sure to really watch play.

    Well, congrats guys! You made it great! :)
    Shakespeare adaptations for kids.