Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Styles: Opening Night

We opened last night at The Alcazar. I do not have the final number, but it was a very large crowd, a record for that venue, standing room only. We had folks sitting in the window seats that overlook the courtyard. All credit goes to Agatha Christie.

And I believe all went well, but it is hard for me to tell. There were a great many laughs, which surprised the actors but it did not surprise me. When Emily as Mrs. Cavendish enters the inquest, wearing the hat, I hear a wave of admiration sweep the crowd. That also did not surprise me, but it was delightful to experience. It is a beautiful hat, and sits so perfectly on top of Emily's impossible neck.

So the big question is, does it work as a murder mystery? Christie wrote a novel where the reader gets all the same clues as the detective, and should be able to solve the crime. Have I adapted it to accomplish the same thing? Or more to the point, is it too easy for the audience to figure out, or so confusing that they don't even bother trying.

Daniel asked for a show of hands as to who knew, who thought they knew, who suspected others, and who were entirely befuddled. The result was a healthy mix of all of those responses, so I believe we are on a good footing.

It took almost two hours to load out the set last night, but we were attempting it for the first time, with everyone taking my lead as how to pack the van. Tonight, hopefully, it will not take so long. But that is a physical challenge, and I need to be sure to rest up, take my vitamins, and rest up.

Did I mention I am training for a marathon?

Tonight: Lorain County Community College, Stocker Center Theatre. 7:30 PM. Free. Be there!

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