Thursday, June 25, 2015

Timon of Athens: Unsolicited Comments

Photo by Gabe Schaffer

This is the final weekend for the Cleveland Shakespeare Festival production of The Life of Timon of Athens, which I directed. No critics chose to attend, no reviews have been published. So, for the sake of documentation, what follows is collection of unsolicited comments from satisfied audience members:
It was as though Shakespeare, himself, were present inspiring the actors to enthrall us with his genius. Luke Brett played Timon with overpowering wit and emotion. The cast and bonus songs by Gary Lee completed what was a wonderfully satisfying performance. What a great start to the summer's cultural season!
- Shiela F. (letter to the editor, Plain Dealer)

Congratulations to the cast of The Cleveland Shakespeare Festival's Timon of Athens for a job well done. Under David Hansen's direction the production came across as a delightful morality play leavened with humor reminiscent of the Commedia dell' Arte.
- Donald W. (via Facebook)

Saw Timon in Lakewood Park with my family. Outstanding show! Funny for sure but packs a wallop by the end. Highly recommended.
- Fil F. (via Facebook)

Went to the Sunday evening performance of "Timon of Athens" at Halloran Park and had a marvelous time. The actors soldiered through some probably expected distractions, like the fire station right next door ... But the show was too good to be upstaged! Loved it! Well done, one and all!

- Robert W. (via Facebook)
 And this is my favorite, not a review but a story following the Shaker Hts. performance:
A fun story from tonight's show - we met a lovely couple who, since seeing a Shakespeare play on their honeymoon, have endeavored to see the entire canon together. This was #34 for them, and because "Timon" is such a hard play to find produced, they drove all the way from Cincinnati to see us! They were delighted with the production.
- Cleveland Shakespeare Festival (via Facebook)
UPDATE: Also, this:
Timon of Athens was just the jolt of gleeful misanthropy I needed to get through the weekend." - Arthur C. (via Facebook)

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