Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Resolutions for 2015

Ten Resolutions for the New Year
  1. Read more plays. You know how many I plays I own that I have left unread? A lot. Plus - shorter than books.
  2. Write more plays. I wrote a lot in 2014. I mean, really, Good boy. And yet, it was really not enough, not close.
  3. Submit more plays. Also did a lot of this in 2014. There are countless opportunities out there. Find them and pursue them.
  4. Attend more plays. Harder than it sounds. I have a lot more responsibility at work and also we take co-parenting very seriously. Bonus - as they get older I can take them to more stuff (another reason I don't miss the baby part.)
  5. Less screentime. Pick up a play to read or something. 
  6. Continue to conquer the house. It has taken twenty years but is slowly bending into your (communal) image.
  7. Game night doesn't have to be a thing. Game time does.
  8. Eat the right food, drink the right drink. Work out.
  9. More good things. Less bad things.
  10. Bet on the Cubs over Miami in the World Series.

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