Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Times: Dress Rehearsal

Last night was the final dress rehearsal for These Are The Times without any kind of audience. Tonight there will be a small number of CPT staff members in attendance.

If you wish to be entirely surprised by the production, then don't look at these pictures. However, I would like to recommend you look at them, anyway. Thanks to Heather, Josh and David, who have made our already beautiful performers look incredible.

Act One: Centennial

Lena Horne

It Can't Happen Here

At the Alcazar

Orson Welles and Bernard Schrader

The Dromios

Jesse Owens' ticker-tape parade


Act Two: The Times

"The Man Who Sold His Wife For a Car"

At the Lemko Social Club

Beat poetry with Mister Bear

"Hamlet by Jack Kerouac"

Danny Michaels and Barney Silver

"One Summer's Evening at the Beach"

The Times

We open tomorrow night at 7 PM at Cleveland Public Theatre.
Please join us.

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