Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Velocity of Autumn

Where is Pengo? What happened to his delightful blog entries, where is he?

Good question. Where am I?

Today, this beautiful, sunny 75 degree day I am in an all-day technical rehearsal at the Beck Center in Lakewood, preparing for the regional premiere of The Velocity of Autumn by local playwright Eric Coble.

Preparing for this Spring, planning for it with my wife, in addition to the annual outreach tour, which often takes a physical and mental toll (in spite of outward appearances, “acting” is very difficult for me) I was offered the opportunity to perform in this two-person, 90-minute play with Cleveland theater legend Dorthy Silver. My wife said, well … you can’t turn that down.

And so, two weeks after closing the outreach tour, we will be opening this play. At the same time, I have been training for a marathon. Yesterday I ran eighteen miles before breakfast. My thighs are very sore, and my calves. Spoiler alert, this show begins with my clambering rather awkwardly though a second-story window. I have bruises on my arms, my stomach, and my thighs. I am tired, sore and bruised.

And yet, I am so very glad I accepted this challenge and, now that I am feeling more confident with my lines, am becoming increasingly excited about the opportunity to share it with an audience.

The Velocity of Autumn had its world premiere at the Boise Contemporary Theatre a year ago, but this “regional premiere” is different, he’s rearranged it a lot, working to jack up the action without losing what the play is truly about.

From the BCT production. Dude has less hair than I do.
“Coble's dialogue is both playful and touching and had the opening night audience not only laughing but nodding their heads with understanding.” - Boise Weekly, April 13, 2011
It’s going to be a long week, I need to be careful to rest and take thing easily, giving necessary attention to each component, theater and work and home and family -- and me.

The Velocity of Autumn opens this Friday, March 23.

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