Thursday, May 19, 2011

The Day the Earth Stood Still

During the week of February 17 - 24, 1954 President Eisenhower was enjoying a golfing expedition in Palm Springs, CA. On the evening of February 20, he was not to be found, having "disappeared" from his itinerary. The official explanation was that he had broken a tooth while consuming a chicken dinner.

He was actually at Edwards Air Force Base, meeting visitors from outer space. The President, with Howard Hughes, examined the visitors vehicle, which they accidentally crashed on Earth, and met with the extraterrestrial crew.

On the evening in question, the Associated Press reported that "Pres. Eisenhower died tonight of a heart attack in Palm Springs." AP retracted this information two minutes later.

The aliens, of a type referred to as Nordics or Aryans because of their, pale, human-like appearance, made a Day The Earth Stood Still-type offer: to impart technology and wisdom in exchange for mankind giving up on nuclear weapons, the employment of which have damaging effects which reach far beyond our own atmosphere, even as far as their home in the Pleiades.

Eisenhower turned down their offer.

The Day the Earth Stood Still was released in 1951.

Billy Booth,
The Washington Post

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