Sunday, August 15, 2010

Not missing the Fringe.

Planning as I was to return to NYC in August to catch Bromley’s show (more on that later) I was worried I would get all angsty about not participating - or ever seeing any shows in - the NY Fringe. Why does the Fringe, this Fringe matter? Force of habit, I suppose. I have been disappointed with it at times, but mostly my thoughts of it (watching in 2000, participating in 2001, 2004, 2009) have been very positive.

One thing I was concerned about was having a big freak-out yesterday, throwing over my planned afternoon and seeing some shows … shows I would inevitably find disappointing (because things never go as planned) and fret about wasting time. Never fear, I was a good boy. And I saw a show Friday night, which I have grown more content with over the past day and a half for what it instilled in me, and I will see another in forty-five minutes. For as I blog, I am sitting in the lobby of the Connelly Theatre on East 4th between A & B waiting to see My Name Is Ruth, featuring none other but my former co-worker and friend Magdalyn Donnelly in what I believe is her New York debut. Could be wrong about that, I will know more once I have opened a program.

I am not missing the Fringe. And I am not missing the Fringe. Get it? Called a car to pick me up right after curtain, to whisk me to LaGuardia. Good weekend! Thank you.

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