Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Cleveland Centennial Day

Cleveland News - Tuesday, July 21, 1936

One hundred years ago tomorrow, a group of intent men met and signed a charter signifying to the world that Cleveland, the town on the Great Lakes, was a city and was to be recognized as such.

And tomorrow, Cleveland, grown into size and importance far beyond the fondest hope of its incorporators, will officially celebrate its birthday and the 140th anniversary of its founding with exercises and speeches, with factory whistles screaming, auto horns tooting and a general half holiday for all the town.

Mayor Harold H. Burton declares:

“Wednesday, July 22, 1936 is designated as Cleveland Centennial day at the Great Lakes Exposition.

“That we may better understand and develop this opportunity, the afternoon of July 22 is hereby designated as a municipal half holiday when we all are urged and invted to attend and promote the exposition of the lake front and also the international exhibit of the Museum of Art, with the realization that they open new and important doors to Cleveland’s future.”

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