Monday, December 30, 2019

Ten Most Visited Posts of the Decade

The Great Lakes Exposition of 1936
This blog began as an investigation into the year 1936, the Cleveland Centennial. Since then I have written posts both professional and personal, all in the service of my own work as a playwright.

I am not a wildly popular blogger. Some things do go viral, but in general any given post averages somewhere between fifty and one hundred aggregate views. I could look back to the year 2010 and find most posts have, in the past ten years, received a total of thirty, forty, fifty views.

The most viewed posts run the gamut, from dry, investigative work, to personal or opinionated essays on my work in theater.

It stands to reason that those which were written eight years ago have more views than those written two years ago. But Eliot Ness stands out as a person of great interest, garnering almost twice that of Chef Boyardee, which ranks second.
  1. The Death of Eliot Ness (2011)
    detailing the death of a one-time Cleveland Safety Director
  2. Chef Boyardee (2011)
    the true story of an icon you thought was fictional
  3. Ohio Criminal Syndicalism Act (2010)
    a forgotten anti-First Amendment law targeting organized protest
  4. Tony Brown (2011)
    a local theater critic ghosts and how history will pay the price
  5. Funky Winkerbean (2012)
    what happened to you, man?
  6. Styles Court, Styles St. Mary, Essex (2012)
    photos of location shots for David Suchet's "Poirot"
  7. Single White Fringe Geek (2018)
    how a negative review was a blessing
  8. Randall Park Mall (2012)
    a 1976 editorial from the Plain Dealer about northeast Ohio's glorious future
  9. The Famous History of Troilus and Cressida (2018)
    my concept for an outdoor production of "Troilus and Cressida"
  10. The "Santaland Diaries" Diaries (2017)
    notes on one six performance week of the David Sedaris classic
For the record, this is my 1,305th post for this blog since January 1, 2010. The Eliot Ness post has been visited almost 10,000 times, the "Santaland" post nearly eight hundred.

What will the next ten years yield? Will we still be blogging then, or may I deliver my messages directly into your brain?

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