Monday, February 13, 2012

Styles: Sound

For years, Richard Ingraham has designed sound for the outreach tour. And every year it makes me so happy when his design is brought into the mix. Just when you are driven to distraction with all of the many, tiny props, the outrageous quick changes, and -- oh, yeah, all those words, music and sound effects come in at just the right time to tie everything together.

What felt like an arduous, lengthy scene change, is suddenly spry and delightful, thanks to some jaunty, period piece. We'd gotten used to hear Diana read the stage direction "door bell rings" until last night when we heard a door bell ring. The sound sets a tone, maybe one you hadn't imagined, but there it is and it is useful and enjoyable; it creates a world all on its own.

A few years ago (on Richard's suggestion) GLT invested in proper, modern sound equipment, which is to say, a computer, and not some kind of disc machine. We have no stage manager for these touring productions, but with kit, anyone can hit the big GO button and start a cue which is set to fade, perhaps, after a few seconds, and fade out entirely on its own. It's like MAGIC.

Tonight, final dress at the Alcazar. We open tomorrow. Won't you join us?

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