Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Styles: Momentum

The dudes.

First night entirely off-book. First night working with large costume pieces. The padding is interesting ... I believe I have gotten so used to sucking in my gut, that I am unconsciously trying to suck in this one (see picture above.) I need to let it all hang out, baby.

More cuts. Poirot does talk a lot at the end -- he always does, he loves that part, when he calls everyone together to show off how he figured everything out, how it all happened, and who was responsible. Christie established that in this, her first novel, and kept at it through so many of the rest.

But how to bring events to a dramatic conclusion. I believe we are going to make that work, and tonight was a good step forward. And cutting one onerous paragraph was key. Who knows? There may be others.

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