Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Styles: Akron Public Library - Northwest

The Shatto Avenue branch of the Akron Public Library visit is always an interesting one. A mid-afternoon stop, the crowd an eclectic mix of those who have time to enjoy a play in the middle of the afternoon and couple classes of high school students who walk over from nearby Firestone High School. Great crowd, great afternoon.

Following each performance, Daniel likes to ask if they figured the mystery, and then he asks those who did not (which is most of them) who they suspected. Now ... it's difficult to provide any details of these discussions without giving up the game, but I will say audiences responses are key indicators of 1) the kind of performances we have been providing and more importantly 2) how successful my script is.

It doesn't bother me that most can't figure it out, that's good, isn't? That was Christie's game, it appears a clear enough case, as Cavendish puts it, but she does provide a great deal of obfuscation. One student today said he suspected Hastings, but added that that didn't make any sense because he was the narrator. It's a shame Agatha Christie never wrote a Poriot mystery where that happens.

Tomorrow we perform at the Fairview Park Public Library at 7 PM. This performance is free and open to the public, please come and join us.

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