Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Styles: Cuyahoga Valley Art Center

Okay, this is a first. The folks at Cuyahoga Valley Art Center were so inspired by our choice of outreach tour, that for the month of February they have featured an installation of original works inspired by mystery, and mysterious tales.

Sparkling Cyanide
Lynda Lyons

Mrs. Katie's Ghost
Hilary Skeeter

Gardner Boone

One section of the gallery was for works inspired by Agatha Christie in particular.

Agatha Christie's Murder Mystery Box
Karen McCrady

4 & 20 Blackbirds
Susan Mencini

Miss Marple Investigates
Lucy Redick

CVAC is not a large place, in fact this small gallery and art studio is perhaps the smallest space the tour visits ... except, maybe Workshop Players, but that is an actual theater. Here we have an open space, a hardwood floor, fluorescent lights, and a lot of mismatched chairs.

Backstage is where the magic happens.

Last year was our first visit to CVAC, and we attracted perhaps 40 dedicated members of the Center, and a few odd, interested parties. This year there were 70, including I believe just one teenager.

Can you spot the teenager?

The performance went off very well, and was very well received. At this venue, as with others, we had attracted a large number of Christie fans, and people who were quite familiar with Poirot.

"One of my very best hats once ...

One gentleman told us he came to see the show because he saw Decameron last year, and would have come to see a Great Lakes Theater touring show again, no matter what the title! It was a fun night all around -- special thanks to Marcus for helping us load out! Ditto, Lynda, Dorothy and everyone at CVAC. See you next year!

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  1. This was a great evening! I looked up last year, and we had only 30, not the 40 I had recalled. And happily, several younger folks came in at the last moment (they had been on a cheeseburger run) and caught the performance as well. Terrific night all around!