Friday, February 3, 2012

Styles: Rehearsal

Cynthia mocks Capt. Arthur Hastings

Last night was a joy. Two nights of table work, three of furious blocking, and here we are, all of us largely off-book, walking (nay, running) through the play, starting and stopping, sharing ideas, making agreements, solving problems, paying attention to accents, building comedic moments, pulling back from the edge of ridiculousness ... timing, timing, timing.

Michael's got a 29-second quick change near the beginning of the play, I'm going to have to assist with that. And Anne, as the housekeeper Dorcas, she has the responsibility of taking an awful lot of fragile things on and off stage. Meanwhile, Emily is deciding whether to pose looking left, or to stretch her freakishly long neck back and to the right. I said to the right, that she would look like an Erté. She did not know what I meant.

Emily has a 20-second quick change. Who wrote this play? That's right, uh ... oh. Uh-oh.

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