Thursday, February 16, 2012

Styles: Elyria Catholic

Tremendous afternoon at Elyria Catholic, perhaps my favorite performance at their school, ever. I don't know what it was, the students have enjoyed our performances in the past. It have have had to do with expectations. This was our first school performance, and I had no idea what to expect. I know how young people can react to period pieces, especially talky ones. Many check out (I am generalizing, of course) and this has been the case for young people, well, forever, right?

And shame on me, I thought some of the humor would fly right over their heads. Do teenagers know what a laxative is? Even if they do not, they are smart enough to figure it out. Yes, shame on me. The performance was warmly received, and the post-show discussion was spirited and interesting. One question we are going to get a lot is about the costumes, and how on earth we change so fast (someone at The Alcazar asked to see who was helping us backstage, and was surprised to learn its just us.) People are also curious about accents.

My favorite moment was when a student rose to ask if the 'stache is real. I am surprised it took three shows for someone to ask! When I said it was, the assembled juniors and seniors practically gave the mustache a standing ovation.

There had been a question during rehearsals if the phrase "queer little Belgian" would make the student audiences squirrely. In this case, it did not. I say we keep it.

Many thanks to the many young people who got out of study hall to help us load in, and those who stayed after school to assist in loading out. It was tremendous help and much appreciated.

Tomorrow evening we will return to the East Park Retirement Community, for the fourth year running. This is a public performance and begins at 6.30 PM.


  1. I think James' delivery of the 'queer little Belgian' line is dead on, and his performance earns the audience's respect, so that by the end of the play there's really no better way for him to describe his odd friend. I say keep it too, unless future audiences somehow get derailed by it.

  2. Absolutely! I am constantly impressed at how he delivers every performance, it's quite a marathon.