Saturday, February 4, 2012

Styles: Saturday

Let us go have breakfast.

Saturday morning rehearsal. The magnificent Diana procured bagels, and the magnificent Anne brought fresh fruit! No doughnuts for this crew. I even brought some decent coffee.

Fragile objects. Oh dear. If there is one thing I have learned about the outreach tour, it's that we break things. However, items like these are never made out of rubber. We must be careful.

I do love fiddling with them, though. It's all right, it's in the script.

Accents include: Received, Cockney, North Country, Belgian, Serbian, and one which would be a spoiler if I mentioned it.

Today we ran through a good twenty pages, again with the doors, sardines, porcelain knick-knacks, tweezers, despatch cases, coffee cups, and imaginary dirt, stains and candle wax. Esther stopped in at the end of rehearsal and we were able to get a lot of information about what to expect by Monday, and to make additional requests. I must start working with the padding, and know where everything goes in all of my numerous pockets (small evidence envelopes, sample tubes, forceps, etc.)

Esther made this hat. It deserves its own curtain call.

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