Monday, February 6, 2012

Styles: The Alcazar

About a week prior to the commencement of the tour every year, Daniel meets with a dozen or so residents at The Alcazar and when I am the playwright, he invites me to come along. It's an informal chat in the Kulas Music Room, we share a bit about the production and field any questions.

It really is nice opening at the same place every year, and attending this event is also very reassuring. There's always a lot of familiar faces, very friendly and glad to see us. Most were familiar with the work of Agatha Christie, and one or two had read Styles.

It was challenging, trying to be interesting about the play, when I was self-conscious about giving away too much of the plot. One participant asked if there were more than one murder, or if they took place before or during the action of the play. I looked around a little sheepishly and asked if anyone wanted to know that or not and many shook their heads no, they did not want to know. I had to apologize, you know -- spoilers.

The common perception of Poirot among those present is that he is much more peculiar than I am making him. But then, I have always been too subtle for my own good.

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