Monday, February 20, 2012

Styles: Kendal at Oberlin

The tour is a week old tonight. Six performances in seven days. Yesterday, prior to the Clague performance I took the opportunity to use touch-up paint provided by Terry to hide dings in the fireplace, and on the wallpaper. The fireplace is made of foam, so when it gets scratched or scarped, the scar is a bright BLUE.

Adding these corrections has to be done before a show, because that is when it the set is available -- all other times it is stacked up in the van -- so it can dry during the show, and not go back into the van wet. Tonight a small chunk of the moulding was chipped off, so I immediately got a bottle of wood glue and some tape so that could dry and be ready for tomorrow.

Tonight was another extremely pleasant visit to Oberlin. They have a relatively shallow stage, but we used our extra pipe to post the drapes to either side of the stage for costumes and props and sound, and leave the space behind the doors entirely bare. And it worked very well! I am very happy to have a company of five that can discuss a production issue like this one and come to an easy consensus. It actually felt like we had more room tonight than we have in several performances.

And once more, there was not an available seat in the house. We went right up to the fire code without going over. A warm, appreciative audience which is what we have come to expect from Kendal at Oberlin.

Tomorrow evening we will present at one of my favorite venues, Olde Town Hall Theatre in North Ridgeville. It is an awesome little space, on the second floor of this charming, historic, former town hall. Holds maybe 150 or so people. Perhaps some of the folks turned away from Clauge will come and join us.

The Olde Town Hall performance will begin at 7 PM, and is free and open to the public. Please join us!

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