Friday, August 9, 2013

Notes on Fringe (Day One)

FringeNYC 2013 is now open.

James and I just got back into our cozy L.E.S. apartment after spending an evening at Opening Night ceremonies for FringeNYC at The Cutting Room. We met many other Fringe performers and took in scenes from over a dozen different shows. We even did The Privy Song shortly after midnight.

Jen Bosworth w/Briar Rabbit from Why Not Me

This early morning begins almost 36 hours ago, when stage manager Diana and I loaded Andrew's van with the set for Double Heart. The forecast called for rain, so we bagged and double-bagged everything, and tarped the larger pieces.

Oh yes we did.

I did not sleep well last night, and James reported the same thing. We met downtown at 6 AM and made it safely to Manhattan in time to check into our apartment by 3 PM, except that it started raining like hell once we emerged from the Holland Tunnel. Rest assured, all was successfully waterproofed, and the folks at the Connelly were kind enough to let us load in the larger pieces before Tech (tomorrow -- er, today) so we did not need to haul them up our five story walkup. Thank you, Kimille!

 That makes me sweat.

From that point on it was merely matter of meeting up with Director/ACR Lisa and her husband Patrick at FringeCENTRAL to receive our Participant Badges, and then we were free to wander downtown and get some dinner before walking thirty blocks to the Cutting Room.

After midnight, we got our Metrocards, and took a subway back. Tomorrow ... handing out cards, welcoming the women company members to the apartment, Tech Rehearsal and a few other public performances. Also, picking up a couple copies of the New York Times.

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