Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Notes on Fringe (Day Seven)

Special thanks from the stage of the Connelly Theater to our
Executive Producer, The Oscar F. Villarreal and Family Foundation!

Huh. Day seven? Okay, that's like, you know. A week. Last Thursday James and I met in front of PlayhouseSquare in Cleveland, promptly left town and haven't been back. We have been running on fumes ever since.

Last night I was up until about 2:30 AM finishing the last blog post, and woke to sunlight and car horns around seven. took a run, woke James and we headed to the Delacorte to hand out palm cards to folks waiting for Free Shakespeare in the Park. We handed out two hundred cards! Should have brought more, folks were very receptive and interested.


We also went to the Met, I gave James my nickel tour. We were invited to join Emily and her friends at the Natural History Museum, but by mid-afternoon I was entirely exhausted ... and frankly a little demoralized. Pre-sale for this evening's performance was 14. Ticket sales are supposed to go up, not down.

Tonight was our latest performance, 8:30 PM. We load out costumes and wigs an hour prior to performance, wait for the space to open at 30 minutes to curtain, set up in fifteen minutes and then open the house.

So by 5 PM, we were all back at the apartment ... waiting. The early evening was a little existential Naps were taken, coffee was made and enjoyed, programs were folded, YouTube videos were watched, and ... uh, yeah.

Once we hit the street, however, spirits brightened, paces quickened, and we were back in the zones. It's been three days since our most recent performance, we needed to get back into it.

And you know, I think tonight was the best show we've had so far! What a great audience, we had over twenty people walk-up, there were most people in the house tonight than on Sunday! And they were hot for the work, it was great fun.

 Two Boots.

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