Monday, August 12, 2013

Notes on Fringe (Day Four)


Whew. Okay, two down, three to go. And yet it feels as though the most hugest part of our work here is done. We got here. We were prepared. We set everything up professionally and in good time. We promoted the show. We performed the show. And then we did it again, with no issues. Just good, solid work. And now, two entire days -- two and a half entire days, really -- with no obligations whatsoever except to be in New York City.

What will happen?

We ride.

It is now a science. Most of what we need is stored in the theater, and bless the gods we have an apartment that is only three blocks away. We haul our costumes, which can be aired and Frebreezed in the safety of our apartment, down five flights and put them on a rack and wheel them to the Connelly.

As you can see, we even wear parts of them to save time and energy. This is New York. Nobody cares.

Hauling sets and props out of storage, getting the costumes on stage, and putting everything together in preparation for the house to open now takes less than ten minutes. So does tearing it down.

We had another great show today, with some 25 people in attendance. Not bad for an out-of-town company. We have already received a few very positive notices. Adam Bertocci, author of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski sent a message to his 16,000+ Facebook followers a message which included the statement, "I recommend it because the author actually knows what the hell he's talking about."

We also received our obligatory notice from, which said, "The strong, ingenuous work done by the two lead actors and the joy of exploring the romantic-history-that-might-have-been make the show well worth the hour of your time." 

This writer also pointed out that she was "puzzled" that a play set in Italy would have two characters with cockney accents, though the fact that the other six characters had American accents and that they all speak English didn't confuse her at all.

Magdalyn & Nathan (and Lisa)

Following today's matinee our dear friends Magdalyn and Nathan threw us a cast party at their Brooklyn apartment. It was a great treat to unwind, get caught up with old friends and just relax after what (to me) felt like six months of effort.

Former Great Lakes Theater actor-teachers!
Jeffrey, Magdalyn, David, Annie, Lisa & Nathan

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