Saturday, August 10, 2013

Notes on Fringe (Day Three)

First things first ... we opened! Very nice opening production, very happy. Relaxed, too. Our set-up takes, I kid you not, less than ten minutes. Whole thing. We have this part nailed. There were 42 people in attendance, which is the largest single audience I have ever performed before in New York City.

Following the show we had the opportunity to unwind a little with the dozen or so people who chose to remain for the talkback, which was also extremely pleasant.

Star alert: We were joined this afternoon by Adam Bertocci, screenwriter and the author of Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, who introduced himself after the talkback. Pretty sweet. He told me he appreciated the hidden jokes in the script that only a Shakespeare enthusiastic like himself would get, which was pretty flattering.

Also, too: This one gentleman in the front row asked if I had intended the play to be feminist. Of course, I asked why he believed that it was and we had a very positive discussion about that. The tenor of the entire talkback was joyful and positive.

Another question: How is the FringeNYC run different from the tour? Good question. While I mentioned that it's more sweaty, I did not go into details, like how much more difficult it is to get my boots on and off with damp socks, or that my big hat is sliding down my head over my ears. But we did mention the beautiful space, and the fact that we have proper stage lighting!

And so, we have opened. Four more shows to go. Tell your friends!

Speaking of which, while Annie and I took a five mile run/walk through Lower Manhattan, Diana, James and Emily took a box of cards to the Delacorte Theatre in Central Park to pique the interest of those waiting for free tickets to see Love's Labour's Lost.

Later, I also walked to fifteen of 18 different FringeNYC sites to drop palm cards. Five mile run, two mile walk around the Lower East Side, and an hour-long performance. So I am very tired, and unlike the last several days, I am not waking up tomorrow morning for any reason whatsoever.

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