Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Venue Prep

Hot and able.

There are only FOUR days until Double Heart opens at the Connelly Theater in New York City!

Yesterday "Venue Prep" was held at each of the participating venues, where each production performing at that venue sent hands to prepare the space. Our company sent three, former Great Lakes Theater actor-teachers Nathan Gurr and Magdalyn Donnelly (pictured, a selfie taken today at the theater) and the most recent addition to our production company, Lighting Designer Cris Dopher.

I first met Cris at the 2009 Fringe when performing And Then You Die (How I Ran A Marathon in 26.2 Years) at the Robert Moss. An avid runner in addition to being a professional designer, Cris and I have stayed in touch and both are thrilled to finally have this opportunity to work together.

Cris has designed for shows off-Broadway, at Lincoln Center, and assisting on the original New York productions of Full Monty and Batboy. He lights extensively for dance and also spends a good part of the year conceiving and creating major retailers’ Christmas windows including lighLord and Taylor, Hudson Bay, Macy’s on State. The entire Double Heart company is so happy to have Cris lighting this production.

Cris's running blog: Live To Run - Run To Live

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