Saturday, May 2, 2020

The Short Play Project: Romantic Series

My last day in the office was Monday, March 16. That, for us, was the beginning of quarantine.

The night before I posted the first video in the Short Play Project. I had put out a request for interested parties who would like to create art through (or in spite of) social distance.

Since then folks in Cleveland, Los Angeles, New York City and elsewhere have created over forty-five short films from my brief play scripts.

What is remarklable to me is how many, written before the onset of COVID-19, have taken on additional significance, recorded as they are over conferencing platforms, cellphones, or even in makeshift tents.

Here are three romantic short plays.

Performed by Adam Graber & Vince Williams

"First Kiss"
Performed by Bobby Coyne & Valerie C. Kilmer

Performed by Laura Burnett & Joe Tanjai

You can watch the entire Short Play Project here.

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