Wednesday, May 6, 2020

The Short Play Project: COVID-19 Series

There are those who speculate on all the coronavirus plays that will be debuting next season. Then there are those who state clearly they would never again wish to relive this period through drama or any other art form. Then there are those who direly suggest even a 2021-22 theater season is wishful thinking.

Several of my plays have become quarantine plays, as a direct result of how they have been interpreted on video for this project. Then there are those I have written specifically about COVID-19. These three are in the chronological order; written just before the lockdown, then shortly after the commencement of same (I was shocked by the phrase "it's only been a week" when I watched the video for Sick) and finally a reflection on the future.

They're a little depressing. It's okay if you don't want to watch.

Performed by Ellen Morales & Katie Rotuno

Performed by Taylor Steigmeyer & Trevor Pletcher
Produced by Sandbox Student Productions

Performed by Monica Cross

You can watch the entire Short Play Project here.

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