Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Armpit of the Nation

"Mistake on the Lake" hurts. But not as much as "Armpit of the Nation."

In 1976, the four year-old Cleveland Magazine decided that since Cleveland was entirely unable to clean up its own mess (and this was before the default) the classiest course of action was to piss on some city sorrier than we were.

Hence, The Great Cleveland Magazine Scapegoat Contest. Nice. The "winner" was, for no particular reason, Dayton.

Reader Tess Muharsky of Willowick wrote, “In Dayton they think Ibsen stars in the Beverly Hillbillies and the Nutcracker Suite is a wrestling hold. So culturally void is it that locals insist Twelfth Night is when lovers exchange a dozen lords-a-leaping. And only in Dayton are shrimp cocktails ordered ‘up.’”

Okay. And yet, Johnny Carson did not get the message. Some guy from Euclid sent a plunger labeled Key To The City of Buffalo.

Urban Dictionary states plainly that the nation's armpit is currently New Jersey. Feel better?

Cleveland Magazine
Urban Dictionary

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