Sunday, July 4, 2010

Republican National Convention Notes

Back in March I collected this data on the Republic National Convention (June 9 -12, 1936) but never incorporated it into an article or posted it. So here it is verbatim, with some nifty campaign buttons.

The Republican platform promised to speed up employment and maintain relief, but wanted relief responsibility returned to nonpolitical local agencies. It also favored a reduction in government expenses and the removal of production quotas contained in the National Recovery Administration and Agricultural Adjustment Act. - Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
Public Hall was renovated to accommodate the equipment and wiring necessary for broadcasting the event, and major speeches were scheduled for the late evening hours so that radio network programming would not be preempted. - Encyclopedia of Cleveland History
Landon proved to be an ineffective campaigner who rarely traveled. In the two months after his nomination he made no campaign appearances. As columnist Westbrook Pegler lampooned, ''Considerable mystery surrounds the disappearance of Alfred M. Landon of Topeka, Kansas.... The Missing Persons Bureau has sent out an alarm bulletin bearing Mr. Landon's photograph and other particulars, and anyone having information of his whereabouts is asked to communicate direct with the Republican National Committee.'' (Time, Aug. 31, 1936) - Time Passages Nostalgia Co.

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