Thursday, July 8, 2010

Cleveland Citizen

Maximillian Sebastian "Max" Hayes (1866—1945) was a newspaper editor, trade union activist, and socialist politician. He is best remembered as the long-time editor of the Cleveland Citizen and as the Vice Presidential candidate of the Farmer-Labor Party ticket in 1920. - Wikipedia
Publication Office, Central and East 14th Street
"The Official Newspaper of Organized Labor, est. 1890"

By Art and Monda Bender

The conditions iin the U.S. For the next 10 years could be estimated to become something like this …

Roosevelt will lead the liberals and win by a moderate margin.

The administration in 37 or 39 will be forced to take complete U.S. Ownership of the banking system.

The railroads, by 39, will be government owned and operated.

A 30-hour work week will go into effect by 39 to guarantee employment to all workers.

Because of the miraculous efficiency of technological production, the government will be forced to exercise a strict control over production.

All public utilities, by 1945, will have been taken over.

All registrants will will be required to register under one or more of the seven natural classes of effort to secure a legitimate income: Production, Distribution Management, Professional, Creative, Public Protection and Beneficiaries.

We believe 90 percent of the widowers or widows would remarry if the conditions were favorable. This suggests that there are few real love matches. The marriage of Thomas Edison’s widow recently 70 years old, suggest she did not have a true love for Edison or that she does not believe in the existence of other worlds after death.

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