Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Notes on Last Frontier: Day Three

Poor night’s sleep without medication, I got a little over five hours and then my body was craving caffeine. Fearing a headache, I went to get my morning coffee and ideally close my eyes for another hour. But rest and caffeine, they don’t go well together.

I decided not to take a run, however, Instead, I took Meg up on her suggestion and joined her yoga class at 9:00 am. I haven’t been received instructor-led yoga for a very long time. Since before the kids were born, perhaps? No idea. And yet, I fared very well. It was a crowded room, however, and I can only imagine Room C will be even more popular tomorrow, when word gets around. The other rooms are larger … but they do not have exterior windows facing the mountains.

If the weather continues to pick up, perhaps it will be held outside. Ooh.

Regardless, it was an excellent way to begin the day, and in the morning I was happy to experience to script readings before lunch.

I thought, perhaps, I would take a break some time during the afternoon. There are up to four events happening throughout the day that you might attend. Writing seminars, improvisation workshops and Play Labs. But really, no one is under no obligation to be occupied every moment of the day.

Maybe I would skip Arthur Jolly’s screenwriting seminar. But you know, I know nothing about screenwriting. It was very interesting, instructive and Arthur happens to be entertaining as hell. So that was a good decision. So I planned to skip the next Play Lab … but it was only forty-five minutes long, what else was I going to do? It takes ten minutes to walk back to the dorm, I might as well sit and listen.

Events for the afternoon concluded around four-thirty, plenty of time to relax, maybe take a nap, have dinner. I hadn’t spotted the actors for my play yet, and so on my way out of the conference center I stopped by the front desk to ask Dawson if they had checked in yet … and there they were, walking through the front door.

Chloe & Tyler
So, you know. Let’s meet the actors!

Chloe and Tyler had driven in from Anchorage, where they each live. By this time in the afternoon the weather here was the best it’s been, a beautiful spring day, sixty degree, clear and sunny. Just amazing.

We walked around the harbor, waiting for some of their colleagues who were also on the their way to the conference before enjoying dinner at Ernesto’s and ice cream at Northern Treats.

Because, you know? This is not just a professional retreat. This is daddy’s personal summer camp, okay?

Anyway, eventually I was (happily) resigned to a full day. The featured performance of the evening was the TossPot Production of Kevin Armento’s Good Men Wanted, I sat with Barclay Kopchak. Kevin is on the panel for my Play Lab. So is Barclay. I have met my actors. The reading closes near.

Following the performance, however, I still could not retire I have put my name in for an Overnight, which is where a playwright receives a topic (in this case, tomorrow evening) and must compose a ten-minute play for Fringe within twenty-four hours. I wanted to attend Fringe again -- third night in a row -- as, you know, research. And beer.

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