Thursday, June 16, 2016

Notes on Last Frontier: Day Five

Good company.
Random thoughts and a very busy day:

  • Took a three-mile run about Valdez.
  • On my run I conceived of my entire ten-minute Fringe play.
  • Took laptop to conference center, started writing.
  • Performed in the reading company for Deer Haunting: A Far Side Cartoon.
  • Attended the reading for The Way I Danced With You.
There were eighteen in attendance, which was good. Following the read each of the panelists gave me extremely valuable feedback, their comments provided clues as how to best proceed. In addition, those in attendance also made many comments, it was as though almost everyone had something to say. With the exception of two or three who were confused and simply did not understand much of it, most were very supportive, many remarking specifically as to how much they enjoyed these characters.

My man Joe Barnes says I am a fucking romantic. He means this as a compliment. He also praised my writing, saying, "It is hard to write a compelling play about two characters who are basically decent."

I have over five pages of handwritten notes which I need to transcribe and ruminate upon. But first, I will meet with my lead panelist, Kevin Armento, who already reflected back to me many interesting ideas this during the discussion. We're having lunch tomorrow.

  • Did laundry, and while I waited continued to write the 10-minute play.
  • Attended the Play Lab for Julia Lederer's The Best Plan For Living Happily. It put me in mind of the work of Paul Auster.
  • Skipped the feedback session for Julia's play to complete the 10-minute play.
  • Attended a potluck in the women's dorm.
  • Took a brief nap.
  • Edited, sent the 10-minute play.
  • Attended Valerie Hager's Naked In Alaska. She is fucking amazing and I adore her.
  • Reception at the Valdez Museum! Dessert and beer!
  • Attended Scared Scriptless improv comedy show at the Mariner's Room. And it was actually funny.
Also, Tyler reminds me of Henrik.

Okay, the biggest day is behind me. Still so much to do!


  1. Catching up with your journal of your trip. You ARE a fucking romantic. Please. As if there were any question. And I personally believe we need to tell more stories about decent people.

  2. I am, right? Just need to figure out that third scene, maybe I will get to tell this story.