Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Mayfair Casino

Built in 1921, the Ohio Theatre is the smallest of the four Playhouse Square theaters which line the north side of Euclid Avenue, west of East 17th Street. The Ohio was designed in the Italian Renaissance style, and throughout the 1920s it had a stock company and presented touring Broadway productions.

In 1935 it received an art-deco face-lift and was re-opened as the "Mayfair Casino" supper club. It wasn't really a casino, because casino gambling was at that time illegal in the state of Ohio. It closed in December, 1936.
The Mayfair Casino in Cleveland, Ohio is a theatre restaurant so intriguing so perfect in its appointments and subtle good taste so superlative in its service so ultra modern different and new it will entice you to come again and again. The Main Dining Room and Sky Bar. Largest and most beautiful Cocktail Lounge in America. Under the personal direction of George Pomerantz. - Mayfair Casino program

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