Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Double Heart: Countdown

One week from tonight Double Heart (The Courtship of Beatrice and Benedick) will open at The Alcazar in Cleveland Heights. As Daniel says, The Alcazar must hold a record for the most world premiere plays in Cleveland ... at least during the 21st Century.

Pretty ladies in pretty dresses.

We have a dance, a fight and a drinking song ... well, it's not a "drinking" song, per se ... in fact, it's the opposite of a drinking song, if you follow me. There are many beautiful sights and sounds, and some not so beautiful, in fact, the opposite of beautiful -- but we all look very good. And ideally, we will sound good. The text has been frustrating me the past two days. I have been striving to pick up the pace and not eat too much of the scenery. Good luck, as the kids say, with that.

But it is very sweet. We have a night off this evening, I will be visiting the folks at These Are The Times. I am counting on much of the text to drop in so, and have a great final run-up to opening. I am definitely looking forward to moving into a new space where making quick changes will not be quite so challenging. Did I mention I am playing four different characters?

Why, yes. Yes, I am.