Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Times: Revelation

No, this is new. I cannot remember having two plays in production at the exact same time. While Double Heart rehearsals continue in a vacant office downtown, rehearsals for These Are The Times are happening in a vacant office in Lakewood.

I would love to be in two places at once. Hell, I would love to be in ten places at once. Did I mention my daughter turns 10 tomorrow? Yes, I am all over the places. In my head. But I cannot attend many Times rehearsals.

Tonight, however, I was able to join them. And good Lord, when was the last time I was a playwright just sitting and watching and listening and thinking? Not also directing, or more likely acting, but just getting to witness my own piece?

Oh, wow. I just got that. I am going to have to watch this one. I mean, I get to, but I also have to, I won’t be distracted by also being on the stage. It’s been a long time. It’s scary. It’s exciting.

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