Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Double Heart: Workshop Players

There is nothing to compare to Workshop Players. Not only do they provide a staff which helps us load-in, set-up, knock-down and drag out, not only does Dawn provide tasty, hot soup, but the audience, for four years running, have laughed harder, louder and longer, cooed and awed, a near-exploded at everything we have brought them.

A good reason for this is the intimacy of the space, 90 seats on three sides of a deep, tiny stage, a stage which challenges our blocking and makes us rethink the show, first as we adapt the set and entrances prior to the show, and then making up new moves as we go, to best use the entire space provided.

In addition are the devoted WP audiences, who as so in touch with the work and ready for a good time ... I mean, the space has no lobby, so the theater doesn't even open until forty-five minutes prior to curtain, and with it the house, but all the seats were full shortly after doors opened, so they were happily chatting and enjoying themselves for a full forty-five minutes before we began. For an hour-long show!

Marion L. Steele High Drama Club

Finally, there is the fact that a large contingent of the drama club from Marion Steele High School always attends, many of them about the embark on their spring production -- which this year is MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING -- dressed up for an evening out, and full of youth and excitement.

One problem, however, is that James seems to have hurt his hand pretty badly during the load-out. He had a nasty cut before he left, but then I saw this on Facebook when I got home:

Oh, dear. Glad that isn't his swordfighting hand.

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