Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Henry VIII: First Dress

We moved into the Notre Dame space last night, our first time working through the show with costumes. The acting company is also the backstage crew. Responsibilities include setting up the tiring house tents, which serve as "offstage" space, setting props and costumes, running cable for sound and lights (should need arise for lights, which there won't) and the set. There is no set.


Costumes are gorgeous. Heather Brown has done a spectacular job with what I assume is a very challenging task ... if the costume design is contemporary, and the scene is the halls of power, then that requires a lot of men in suits, who must look good and monied, not rumpled or cheap. In addition, they must be stylish, with some flair, because audiences want to feel they are seeing something special, and not the same thing they just saw back at work. This is the theater, after all!

There will also be surprises.

Stunningly, our run-through last night was shorter than the second run-through on Sunday. Taking Monday off appears to have paid off. The entire show remains safely under 90 minutes.

Tips for audience members at the Notre Dame site: A well-manicured lawn serves as the audience seating - no seating on the bricks or sidewalk. Bring your own chair, or a blanket. If you plan to bring a blanket or otherwise be sitting close to the ground, find a spot close to the pavement or some jackass will plant a chair right in front of you at 6:58 PM. Count on it.

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