Monday, June 4, 2012

As You Like It: Choreography

I should write an essay about the grand history of Henry VIII (All Is True) and how our modern adaptation is a legitimate continuation in a grand, historical tradition of political pageantry. And maybe, eventually, I will.

But right now I am sitting the courtyard outside Coventry Elementary watching CSF actors dancing a Virginia Reel to the recording of a song composed and performed by area high school students. This isn’t for Henry VIII. These actors, most of whom are in the company of Henry VIII, have simultaneously been rehearsing As You Like It, which opens the following weekend. Same choreographer as for the Queen’s Vision, only a much happier dance.

So cute!

Meanwhile, in the auditorium, actors are working with director Dana Hart on scenework. The doors are open, the breeze comes through, the sound of music and laughter -- and birds -- from the courtyard floats through. The mood is casual, cheerful. The space is buzzing with activity, focused, professional activity, but cool. These are good reasons to rehearse summer, outdoor theater. Sometimes I forget to notice.

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