Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Further reflection

More on the first reading:

ES: More fun to play with the ironies of what we already know … I was trying to avoid this (see: RED) but I can’t help myself, too much commentary has slipped in. And people enjoy them.

The Torso Murders … I did not ask for clarity on this, but I am afraid I have not been clear. My theory has been replaced by another serial killer. I need to make that crystal.

It takes a long time to “get into” the play because we do not know who we are following. Bernard needs to emerge earlier as a focus.

ML: The first scene has an awful lot of slang, which makes what is already a scene which is challenging to follow almost impossible to follow.

KM: REALLY loves the Valediction. So I got that right. I need to make sure where he is and what is going on is also crystal. Some got the final line - and some totally misunderstood it, and that is my responsibility.

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