Monday, October 25, 2010

"My Eleventh Grade Forensics Project"

Okay, Happy Halloween season. There was an article in the Plain Dealer this weekend, to wit:
Cleveland's Torso Murders continue to fascinate 75 years after first killing
Mostly it is a promotional piece for Chuck Gove's Haunted Cleveland Ghost Tours, and there is nothing wrong with that. The assumption, as always, is that there was a Torso Murderer - because without one, there is no story, and nothing to sell.

There is nothing in this article I haven't read before, with a passing phrase three-quarters of the way down suggesting in FOX News fashion, "Some theorize that there were multiple killers -- and that the lack of DNA testing or experience with serial killers led police to attribute the crimes to one person." But "some people" are not quoted directly in this story, only those who believe it was a single maniac (I'm looking at you, creepy Dr. Badal.)

However, in the interest of providing a gruesome seasonal chill, I offer this YouTube video I found, which the creator states was designed for an 11th grade forensics project. Ew?

(and irritating piano music)

UPDATE: Music provided by Midnight Syndicate, a Chardon-based goth music outfit that provides creepy soundtracks to haunted attractions and video games. So let's hear it for irritating local music! Thanks for the tip, Kusak.

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