Monday, June 8, 2020

The Short Play Project: Kitchen Series

The kitchen in our house is really important. It's also the most unfinished room in the house. Whenever we entertain, there's always a moment when I realize everyone has gathered in the kitchen and I have to say, why are we in the kitchen? Let's relocate.

Some people have kitchens that are made for social time, with space and islands and stools but not at my house. It's intimate, there's nowhere to sit, nowhere to rest your drink, really. At least we added a pass-through ten years ago so you can talk to people in the dining room.

But it's where the food happens. And it's just the right size for me and my wife to talk when it's just us, away from the kids. We have had some of the most loving conversations and worst fights in the kitchen, dating back twenty-five years this spring.

With one exception (see "Cooking," below) I haven't written one short play script that was meant to take place specifically in a kitchen. But it doesn't surprise me that several chose the kitchen as the location for certain kinds of personal interactions. The play "Teamwork" was, in my mind, an office place conversation, but changing it to a tense discussion between partners also makes perfect sense.

Performed by Roxana Bell & Beau Reinker

Performed by Henrik & Brenda Hansen

Performed by Lauren Bruniges & Caleb Knueven

You can watch the entire Short Play Project here.

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