Tuesday, June 25, 2013

International Women's Air & Space Museum

Girls can be astronauts, too!

Were you aware ..? There are many tiny museums tucked away in discreet corners of our great city. I have been aware of the The International Women's Air & Space Museum for some time, but never made the journey. This, perhaps, because though they offer "free admission" you still need to pay $6 to park.

The IWASM is located in Burke Lakefront Airport, and not just some closet at BLK that is only open a few hours a week, the museum stretches more or less the length of the concourse, with displays of important and (unfortunately) in most cases forgotten female aviators dating back to the birth of flight at Kitty Hawk.

Did you know the Wright Brothers had a sister? Katharine Wright (1874-1929) managed many of the important business issues related to her brothers' inventions and patents, and was an early advocate for air travel safety. 

This day I was invited to join Emily Pucell and Renee Schilling as they conducted further investigations of fly-girls. A few weeks ago, the boy and I were at pARTy in Gordon Square where we got to see their new one-act historical fiction comedy about chicks with sticks, Blanche and Louise - With Their Eyes Turned Skyward. They each marveled at how completely awesome most early aviatrixes' names were.

Billie Dove! Mickey Axton! Winifred Spooner! Wally Funk! RIDE, SALLY RIDE!

The gift shop closes at 4:00 PM.

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