Saturday, March 2, 2013

Double Heart: Our Lady of the Elms

What, and give up show business?

We have only five more performances, the final on Thursday is not public, it is at a school. It is only Saturday and this is already depressing. The good news: I can stop shaving my entire face on Friday.

Since 2009 we have visited Our Lady of the Elms in Akron, and these girls have always made an incredible audience. In particular I remember how strongly they responded to Michael and Beth in The Brute. When it comes to romance -- especially actual, on-stage kissing -- they generally explode.

However, yesterday made me very nervous. I mean, I didn't start out nervous, but as the show went along, I became increasingly concerned about the sheer weight of scatalogical humor and sexual innuendo. I mean, you know, it's verse, it is implied, we never some out and use any of those common vulgarities or obscenities you hear, you know, everywhere ... but still. They didn't miss any of it, and we were holding for laughs longer than we have done before ... and that made me even more self-conscious!

Because, uh, I wrote that. I was waiting for some authority figure to leap up and stop the show, but that did not happen. Of course not.

I should have had more faith in the material. Yes, it goes there (as the kids say) but it also goes some many other places. Damn, what a ride. We even nailed the dance, it's all so giddy and youthful, but everyone grows up so fast. And I think that's what people see. I hope that's what they see.

One of the nuns came up to speak with James after the performance. She used to be on the Tri-C board, believes strongly in it's mission, and she was so happy and proud when he announced during the Q&A that he is currently a student at Tri-C.

Tomorrow we perform at the Akron Main Public Library at 2 PM. Please join us.

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