Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Double Heart: Olde Towne Hall Theatre


Last night it was Olde Towne Hall Theatre in North Ridgeville. We love this space, all of us, you can read previous accounts of experiences here, here and here. Last night, however, was one for the record books. Literally, we will consult the record books and find that we had the largest turnout ever last night at Olde Towne Hall, a charming venue that looks like a classic Midwestern opera house.

Deb Wentz went out of her way to really push the show this year, and as our visit fell neatly within a run of Kiss Me Kate she was able to educate their regular audience about the tour before every performance. There was also a class from Baldwin Wallace and also -- very special for us -- company members from Great Lakes Theater's upcoming production of Much Ado About Nothing!
Post-show talkback

There was a giddy energy last night, excitement spreading from the crowd to us and back to the crowd. Emily's boyfriend Benjamin was on hand, and reflected what many who have seen the show earlier in the tour have said, that it has improved since the show has opened, and that is definitely true. There are many, many moments which were impossible to create in our dinky rehearsal hall, without an audience. We close in two days, and as they say, by then we should be ready to open.

Steven, Annie and Katelyn
Actor-teachers unite!

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